About Me

To sum me up...I love food. I can cook but see it purely as a means to a good meal, I'm not one of those people who finds it therapeutic to be chained to the kitchen for a couple of hours. When I've had a bad restaurant experience, though, it does focus me back on cooking my own food - most of the time I'm sure to enjoy it at least!

I recently read a magazine that was focused on 'blogs' and it got me thinking that Dubai has no blog that discusses the local restaurant scene or general food-related topics. Other major cities have a plethora of food blogs so I thought, "Let's give it a try". Bon Appetit! was then born.

I've lived in Dubai the past 6 years and have eaten at countless restaurants but I'm starting from scratch here. If money was no object then I'd be out every night sampling restaurants, but clearly that is not going to be possible. So as and when I go out, I'll update my thoughts on here and in between times I'll have to think of other foodie things to chat about!

I hope you enjoy what you read - all positive thoughts and constructive criticism is welcome. Pass on the link too and spread the word.

Bon Appetit!