Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dubai Restaurant Review: Scoozi, Dubai Festival City

In a nutshell: adequate food at reasonable prices

Scoozi is a rather strange Japanese-Italian themed restaurant. The menu is split in two with the Japanese menu featuring mainly sushi and the Italian menu focused predominantly on salads, pizza, pasta and some mains. I couldn't quite understand the rational between combining these 2 cuisines in one restaurant, unless someone decided the Japengo format (sushi with many other cuisines also on the menu) seemed to work and they wanted to copy it. Unfortunately, whilst Japengo ranks as my favourite mall-based restaurant, Scoozi doesn't reach the same bar.

The staff were friendly and the manager came to speak to my Mum and I during our meal to check that everything was OK, so that was really good. However, the pineapple juice I ordered tasted like it had started to ferment (that fizzy taste fruit juice gets when it's on the turn) so I had to send it back. It had been freshly squeezed but the pineapple they had used must not have been very fresh. Mum likes very plain spaghetti and they had a spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chili that sounded a step up from her usual spaghetti with butter. She said it was very tasty but since I don't eat pasta, garlic or very much chili I had to take her word for it!

I opted for a healthy salad with calamari (Insalata Scoozi) and I have to say it was very good with an amazing French dressing. The only issues I had were the minimal amount of calamari and the rather soggy, heavy batter the squid was covered in (which I removed). The salad itself had fresh lettuce leaves, avocado, broccoli, cucumber and tomato, so a great variety that the fantastic dressing added perfect flavour to. At Dhs 42 for the salad (Dhs 36 for the pasta) it was also excellent value. I must admit that I did try the warm wholemeal, nutty bread they served us since it just looked too good to abstain from...and I was glad I did as it was worth it!


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  4. I was there for dinner with my dinner, one lady. Welcomed us and seated us at a table and when I called her after 15 minutes to order the manager came to us and showed hostility instead of hospitality and rudeness, then I left the place, I think you need to work well on your staff attitude