Monday, July 19, 2010

Bio-Magnetic Feedback

I had my bio-magnetic feedback session last week and have to admit that I'm undecided about it. The ankle and wrist straps are light rubber with electric wires connected to them and once they were on I couldn't even feel them. The head strap is also of light rubber but because it's velcro'd round your head, the pressure of the back of your head pressing into the strap became a bit uncomfortable after a while. Apart from the strap, I didn't feel anything - no tingling and no electric shocks! I lay there for nearly an hour and since the bed is not set up like in a spa (support pillow under your knees, low pillow under your head) I began to ache a bit since lying on my back is the most uncomfortable position for me unfortunately.

I didn't expect an epiphany but I though the results might be interesting. Sadly, the results didn't seem to show anything. She said she'd found no 'blockages' which means that my energy meridiens were all open and free-flowing and that the machine itself hadn't identified any food issues - not quite sure how it would do that anyway. The only two real things were that I use my head too much and worry about things and that I don't chew my food properly so it's hard for my system to digest it. So the advice was to chew properly before swallowing and to try and do a daily meditation to relax and release any anxiety.

Now that I'm more aware of my chewing, I realise that I do tend to have a few munches and then swallow it down half whole. Explains how it is I can eat so fast! So I'm trying hard to consciously make myself chew chew chew. The worrying is also true and I do try to rationalise everything and organise things to keep it all well-ordered (this whole search for answers to my IBS / AS is a prime example I suppose). Anyway, my Mum bought me a fantastic book on yoga about 10 years ago which has breathing and meditation exercises so I've dug that out. In my final year at university I was doing these exercises every day and I slept fantastically (no vivid dreams at all) and was really calm and never got bothered about things. I don't know why I stopped but hopefully it will get me back to that zen-state again!