Monday, July 19, 2010

Tissue Salts

When I saw Belinda Rennie yesterday she did a tissue salts test on me. Tissue salts are a homeopathic nutritional supplement developed by Dr. Wilhelm Schuesser in 1880 (so they've been around for a long time). There are 12 different salts based on the 12 most common mineral tissue salts found in the body and the rationale is that if you are deficient in any of these minerals then the result will be some form of illness or condition.

The test was very simple and how it works can't be explained. She used a 'wand' which had a wooden handle and a metal wand with a wooden circle attached at the end. I had to hold the bottle of tissue salts (so we did it 12 times since there are 12 bottles) and she then pointed the wand at my hand. The wand would either start to jump up and down (indicating I don't need that salt) or would wave from side to side (indicating I do need the salt). Similar to crystal therapy where the body's energy field supposedly tells the crystal yes or no to the question you're posing. I was rather dubious but the movement of the wand was not coming from Belinda and the results were not exactly what Belinda had expected - so she wasn't controlling it.

The test showed I need just 3 of the salts and when she looked each one up afterwards, all 3 of the ones my body had 'selected' related to inflammation, connective tissue problems, joint inflammation or stomach issues. So very much relevant to IBS and Ankylosing Spondylitis - weird! The salts can even be given to children so they are very safe and I thought it couldn't do any harm to try them. So I have to take 2 tablets of each 3 times a day (so that is 18 tablets a day!) for the next month. You don't swallow them though, you put them on your tongue and they dissolve. Whilst they don't really taste bad, they are kind of chalky and not all that pleasant. Oh well, no pain no gain...


  1. Hi,

    I have AS and looking at trying the tissue salts. What are the 3 you take and do you find them effective?


  2. there is a bottle that you can get all 12 salts in...general tonic comb 12...may as well have all them I say....Jen